Poetry and Theatre

I graduated from college with a degree in English Literature and Theatre and have taught throughout my career. My students have been as young as 4 and as old as 94.  Each day begins with a cup of coffee and a journal entry.  Moving my hand across the page helps me navigate the world. My love of written words led to my love of the spoken word  in theatre and the limitless possibilities of gesture, intonation, movement, music, light...

Other fascinations? How to combine one thing with another to make a whole new thing.

Multi-media Art

And then there's color! Line, design, paint, fabric, ribbons, jewels, beads, old maps and discarded wallpaper books, lights, flowers, faded tintypes, calligraphic letters, gilt frames, feathers, spangles, velvet swatches, maps and various ephemera.  All of these things in the world with their own beauty become something so new when layered, combined, conjoined. The surprise of this process delights me. 


Photographing a landscape or a still life, a loved one or a stranger helps me see better, savor moments more. , Every now and again, I come close to glimpsing  the essence of someone when I am framing them.  Recently the faces of children and actors have  drawn me in with their radical availability. 

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Margaret K. Reed